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JJ Ellingson

Loan officer
Phone: 763-300-6876

At LeaderOne, we’re ready to help with any Minneapolis/St. Paul loft or condo transaction. Our loan consultants are experts in financing condos in downtown Minneapolis. They understand the ins and outs of obtaining condominium mortgages in the Twin Cities. Many of our loan consultants live in lofts and condos and serve as the perfect guide through your transaction.

  1. Your guide through the process. There are many steps that must be taken to finance your condo purchase or to refinance your existing condo home loan. All of these details affect the value of your unit—and the likelihood of the value increasing or decreasing. Let the loft and condo experts at LeaderOne guide you through this process.
  2. Mortgage quotes in a snap. Whether you’re purchasing a unit or refinancing a condo loan, using the home as your primary residence or a second home—large or small down payment—we’d love to help find the right condo mortgage for you. Request a quote for current condo mortgage rates by giving us a call at (763) 300-6876 to speak to a loan consultant right away!
  3. Let our experts lead the way. Condo financing options may include adjustable rate mortgage loans (ARMs). Adjustable rate mortgage loans have interest rates they may increase after consummation. Subject to credit approval and program guidelines.



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With over 10 years working in the hospitality industry, not only have I met people from all over the world with many different personalities and goals, I’ve also learned to multi-task and hone my communications skills. It was a great learning experience to bring into real estate, which like the hospitality industry, is all about people.